July 7, 2015

The Legal Battle between Apple and Proview

The Legal Battle between Apple and Proview

Yang Long has recently stated that he is greatly worried of his company’s future and its low potential. The Proview chief executive is trying his best to resolve the current difficulties and finally get rid of them. Besides, Yang Long does not regret anything and if he had a chance to experience the same situation and all the problems, he would not change anything as he still would like to overtake his competitors.

Proview and Apple have rather difficult and strained relations now as both companies have to resolve the issue concerning the rights for the iPad name. This legal battle has been waged for a comparatively long time and the final decision is not clear till now. Apple has been sued in a significant number of courts by Proview trying to prove its rights and position. However, Apple does not change its opinion and is absolutely sure that it has all the rights to use the iPad name in several countries. One of the Apple representatives has also stated that the company attained the rights to the iPad trademark that are accepted in 10 countries. However, Proview still refuses to accept this agreement and continues the legal battle.

Proview has made several serious comments concerning its opponent and accused Apple in oppression, fraud, and several examples of malice. Such reviews were aimed to serve as certain damage for the iPad maker. However, Apple is one of the largest companies nowadays and its reputation can hardly be spoilt now. Proview in its turn experiences rather difficult times now and according to the most recent prognoses the company will scarcely manage to overcome all the difficulties.

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