August 5, 2015

Sony Intros PS4 with DualShock Touchpad Controller, Social Sharing Capabilities


At a recent media event in New York on February 20, Sony unveiled its next-gen console platform, the PlayStation 4. According to the company, the new device will focus more on the gamer, adding an element of social interaction. During the two hours of demonstration, Sony showed off only software, presumably leaving the hardware for […]

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Apple working on 4in iOS device with Sony and Hitach, fundamentally changed iPad 4 awaited


Sony and Hitach have reportedly teamed up with Apple to supply 4-inch LCD screens for an unspecified iOS-based device that is about to arrive in 2012. According to, the manufacturers have already started shipments of the rumoured panels. The two companies are alleged to merge their business with Toshiba Mobile to form “Japan Display” in spring next year.

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