August 2, 2015

Samsung official confirms talk of 7.85-inch iPad, hints 2012 launch


Another report about a smaller iPad cites an unnamed Samsung official who supposedly revealed that Apple is about to launch a 7.85-inch tablet later in the year. The California tech giant is anticipated to purchase about $11 billion in total parts for a number of its products, including the long-rumored smaller iPad.

The existing contract between the two companies is said to be for approximately $9.7 billion in components. This number is believed to grow to around $11 billion, though, as Apple starts receiving screens, chips, flash storage and more.

The company allegedly purchased an estimated $7.8 billion in components from Samsung last year, which makes Apple the Asian device maker’s largest customer. In addition to making components, Samsung also manufactures its own devices that compete with firms like Apple in the PC, smartphone, tablet and media player markets.


In February, The Wall Street Journal claimed that the Cupertino electronics developer has teamed up with its overseas suppliers to test a new iPad model sized roughly at 8 inches. It was noted, however, that the devices Apple regularly tests with suppliers don’t always actually go on sale.

Since the Journal’s report, claims of Apple developing a smaller tablet have picked up significant steam. While AU Optronics is rumored to be in to supply 7.85-inch displays, the new model will reportedly hit the production line in this year’s third quarter.

Another tip from the Far East had Apple equipping its 7.85-inch iPad with a “slim bezel display,” with screens said to be supplied by AUO and LG. The company will supposedly price the smaller tablet at $249 or $299 to make it more appealing to the sub-$300 market and put up more direct competition with the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire.


  1. Stroszek says:

    R.i.p ipod touch,or is it welcome ipod touch xl?!
    All this collaboration with Samsung makes apples court case attacks on Samsung look even more silly

  2. Flat says:

    samsung and apple both jointly agreed to keep their manufacturing side out of the dispute.. eventually it might deteriorate but shortly i would say no..

    and somehow i just dont see apple making a smaller ipad… yes they would make fabulous amounts of money, but idk where it would fit into the pricing scheme of their products… maybe it will go for 250-300

  3. RodUK says:

    Seems like,it really is nothing personal just business!

  4. robo says:

    I don’t know much about international business law, but here in America this is a huge no no for a contractor to release info like that. Will there be any fallout I wonder?

  5. Yevgeny says:

    If true I bet it will be a big stink in the end!

  6. othello says:

    It should be. This is is basically insider trading. People get time in prison for it. Although usually insider trading is meant to make an individual money, in this case it would be to further the company and not the individual. Same premise tho.

  7. Voyer says:

    Insider trading is buying and selling securities (like stocks) based on information that is not available to the general public. This information from Samsung has nothing to do with insider trading. They may be revealing trade secrets, in which case I would expect Apple’s legal department to gently remind Samsung of the terms of their contract.

  8. donebylee says:

    Ah thx for the correction, don’t know what I was thinking.

  9. Woohoo says:

    With Apple’s private nature it would seem someone at Samsung is about to be in some trouble. Maybe this is how their relationship ends.

  10. galt says:

    Or maybe apple is paying them to create rumors, you never know what happen behind the scene!

  11. Kelch says:

    That’s crazy, all these fights in which we take part of one rather than the other one and then they do business like old buddies like nothing is happening. That’s business, I know but it makes you think…

  12. JRC says:

    this is funny… you guys on here dont look at the big picture with all this apple vs samsung… while yall cry your hearts out picking sides these two companies are great business partners. Samsung has contributed a lot to Apple’s success. and Apple is making Samsung rich as well…

  13. jowie74 says:

    I learned my lesson . no more attack to Samsung. we fighting here and then shaking hands depending on one another,..

  14. Kuku says:

    Well really Apple depends on Samsung’s high quality products. Imagine what an iPhone 4S or a new iPad would look & perform like if it didn’t have the Samsung DNA in its body.

    It would be an ugly, poor working machine! I mean an iPhone or an iPad are just Samsung products with an Apple logo on them! lol

  15. CU10 says:

    you are absolutely right!

    apple needed the “best” manufacturer to make their products…

    apple’s beef isnt with Samsung… its with Android…

    software vs software

    remember Steve’s dying wish…

  16. The Fork says:

    ‘Imagine what an iPhone 4S or a new iPad would look & perform like if it didn’t have the Samsung DNA in its body.’

    It would probably look like a Kyocera Echo™ and perform like a Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1, 6.5, 7, 7.1 phone.

  17. Eugene says:


  18. Thoth2 says:

    there is no windows mobile 7/7.1…. its windows phone.. which performs better in real life than almost any other phone

    and apple creates all their tech… samsung just puts it on an assembly line… its not like apple uses samsung amoled screens and such…

  19. Cuilla says:

    You are right, Apple goes to LG for its IPS screens. If its as simple as “putting it on an assembly line,” why do they pay Samsung and LG billions when they can pay their workers at Foxconn 2 slices of bread and 3 cents an hour to do it?

  20. galt says:

    well i would hope samsungs and lg’s and sharp’s assembly lines are a little more well kept.. i dont think foxconn could produce the quality of tech needed by apple– they use foxconn for easier things and for assembly

  21. AsLan says:

    apple didn’t create all the tech, they just created the spec sheets.. it is Samsung who made them reality.. so it’s not as simple as putting it on assembly line..

  22. john says:

    Take a wild guess.

  23. YabTiem says:

    best espionage tactic, SLEEP WITH THE ENEMY

  24. CosmoNut says:

    I understand Samsung makes a lot of money from this, but after Apple suing them, I’d personally tell Apple to piss off.

    It’s not impossible, but it’s incredibly difficult to find another supplier that can keep up with that quantity of panels, let alone the quality from Samsung.

  25. RichL says:

    Good tactic, tell the iPad buying people who may be ignorant that it is made with Samsung parts, so just buy a Samsung instead, very subtle

  26. ApplePi says:

    It’s harder for Samsung to find another customer who can buy at the level Apple can than it is for Apple to find another manufacturer. Apple has already diversified its supply base after the legal cases, just in case.

    It would hurt Samsung more than Apple if they moved away from supplying.

  27. Timo says:

    Smart move. Samsung might as well say
    “Do you hate us? Don’t buy the fruit, then. If you really want the fruit, pay us up, too”
    They’re so big, you can hardly buy anything without buying from them, too.

  28. TBell says:

    You seem to be forgetting that samsung also sells tablets. Not to mention that apple is not the only bulk customer that they have. Even sony lcd tv is buying from samsung.

    If apple have another supplier, i doubt that they will not change supplier. Remember, apple is just iphone and Ipad. Samsung is everything from your air-conditioner to washing machine, refrigerator, TV and yes smart phones and tablets. You don’t scare company that big just because you wont buy some parts.

  29. Eskimo says:

    If true then this is a breach of confidentiality with Apple. Tho not shocking at all…lol.

  30. Rolo says:

    Samsung had $160B in total revenue in 2011. Lets say that projects to $168B for 2012. Losing $11B then works out to 6.5%.

    To put that in perspective- if you make $40k per year, it’s like losing $2600. Not the end of the world for most people, but maybe you’re ‘forced’ to ditch cable because of it…

  31. 709 says:

    plus im also sure its not good business practice to deny selling your merchandise to a rival company. Like fair trade, or price gouging, im assuming its illegal for samsung to refuse to sell to apple but they will sell to anyone else.

  32. Zuzz says:

    They already have a small iPad. It’s called an iPod Touch.

  33. Cosmo says:

    Smart move Sammy. You make money if your tablet sells and you make money if your competitors tablet sells too!

  34. Unlike says:

    What are they going to do when the New iPad gets sold second hand on eBay

    Will the listing state Used New iPad?

  35. Slurpy says:

    Maybe this is the last straw for Apple to switch to a better, more reputable company.

  36. Not says:

    I’m beginning to think that Samsung and Apple have slept in the same bed since the begninning, and that the back-and-forth legal battles are merely a ruse to give us the impression of competition.

  37. gerald says:

    Samsung may have a lot of other businesses, but if they lose 11 billion in business somebody is getting fired.

  38. Clive says:

    oO, Kindle beware

  39. BRussell says:

    Got my new iPad and all I can say to the folks that dislike Apple is “Good luck with that.”

    Something I don’t quite understand is why, if Samsung is supplying these incredibly rich and awesome 2048×1536 panels to Apple why they didn’t insist that they be able to use them in their own tablets as well. If a Galaxy Tab had had this kind of resolution/quality (before Apple) they’d have (had) an incredible winner. It makes a tremendous difference…anyone that says otherwise is in denial me thinks.

  40. Esh says:

    Hmmm… Mr. Jobs didn’t want the smaller iPad but for Samsung’s sake I hope this doesn’t bite them. However, I don’t mind if Apple accidently alienates their followers. I mean customers. I’m going to have those Apple stickers tested for LSD because it just isn’t only in Kool-Aid anymore.

  41. Chagi says:

    Maybe this is the last straw that make Samsung realize what despicable business partner Apple is.

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