July 31, 2015

PC makers should keep an eye on Apple’s iPads

PC makers should keep an eye on Apple’s iPads

Apple’s iPads seem to have conquered the entire tablet market, but this fact shouldn’t irritate manufacturers of home desktop computers and other tablets. On the other hand, these manufacturers need to pay attention to this worrisome statistic which states that approximately one in four customers purchases iPads, the tablet computer appears to be their first Apple product. NPD Group states that more and more people rush to purchase iPads and iPhones now.

Summarizing the value of all mentioned above one may conclude that both iPads and iPhones are the major consumer electronics devices. To say the truth these devices faced certain problems in the nearest past but anyway that didn’t ruin their reputation. Moreover according to the recent studies the vast majority of new iPad owners are absolutely satisfied with their purchase. And taking into account the constantly growing index of iPhone sales, there’s nothing threatening Apple’s plans.

PC makers should keep in mind that if customers are satisfied with their already purchased Apple’s stuff then most probably they will opt for this company’s additional hardware such as iMacs, MacBooks, Airport routers and other worthy things. Moreover the availability of the iCloud sync for Reminders as well as Messages supported by both Mac computers and iOS devices, makes expensive Apple desktops and laptops more attractive. And in the worst case customers may even reject the idea of purchasing a personal computer in favor of this flexible iPad as it enables to accomplish most computing tasks.

However, some PC manufacturers such as Sony, Lenovo, Toshiba and Samsung try to occupy both the computer and the mobile niches. Unfortunately these companies have failed to acquire enough experience in terms of mobile and desktop technology, ecosystem and user interface while Apple seems to have no rivals in this field. So those people who are still referring to the traditional desktops and mobiles need to make the right conclusion from this tendency illustrated above.

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