April 24, 2014

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iPad Lineup Expanded with 128GB Model

Just as rumored, Apple has announced a new 128GB edition of the iPad 4, doubling the maximum capacity of 64GB that used to be the higher end of the line. The device will go on sale on Tuesday, February 5th, and will arrive in black and white tones. The Wi-Fi only model will retail for $799, while the cellular version will be offered for $929.

iOS 6.1 Already Installed on 22% of All iOS Devices

As claimed by Onswipe, nearly 22% of iOS users are already running iOS 6.1. That means the updated operating system is now installed on a total 13 million mobile devices, which marks the most rapid adoption any iOS version has ever seen. iOS 6.1 has been enjoying tons of donwloads ever since its release back on Monday, January 28th, reaching over 11% in the first 24 hours of availability.

iPhone Being Eyed by Doctors as a Potential Life Saver

Dr. Eric Topol used his iPhone paired with an AliveCor app that can provide an electrocardiogram report in order to check the heart rate of a plane passenger who experience a heart attack during the flight. The incident was reported by Rock Center with Brian Williams. When he found out that the passenger was actually having a heart attack, he requested the pilot to land at the nearest airport and took the passenger to the hospital.

iOS 6.1 Launches with Extended LTE Support, Siri Movie Ticket Purchases

Apple has finally issued the final version of iOS 6.1, which is now available via Software Update. The update contains several important bug fixes and software improvements. Most notably, the company has enabled U.S. users to buy movie tickets through Fandango using Siri, while iTunes Match users now have the ability to download individual tracks from iCloud. Besides, iOS 6.1 adds LTE support for more mobile providers, including 36 new iPhone carriers and 23 new iPad carriers, and features a new button for resetting the Advertising identifier.

Apple’s New Japan Headquarters to Be Located in Roppongi Hills

Bloomberg has reportedly learned from its insider sources that Apple’s Japan headquarters will soon be moved to a new place, namely the Mori Tower in the high-end Tokyo-based Roppongi Hills complex, with the future office said to take over two floors of the building. Currently, Apple is leasing Tokyo Opera City Tower as its base of operations. Planning to move out this April, the iPhone maker is allegedly planning to terminate its ongoing deal by the end of June.