October 1, 2014

Samsung seeks smart watch trademarks in US, SKorea

Samsung Logo

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Samsung Electronics Co. has applied for U.S. and South Korean trademarks for a watch that connects to the Internet in the latest sign that consumer technology companies see wearable devices as the future of their business.

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Cradle and App Turn Smartphone Into Biosensor

iPhone running allergy app

People suffering from allergy may soon get a new app that turns their iPhones into biosensors to analyze foods for allergic substances. Thanks to a cradle and app that turn your smartphone into a handheld biosensor, you can forget about eating something you should not. The smartphone app can run on-the-spot tests for food safety, environmental toxins, medical diagnostics and more.

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Group accuses Apple supplier of labor abuses


BEIJING (AP) — A labor rights group Monday accused a Chinese company that makes iPhones for Apple Inc. of abuses including withholding employees’ pay and excessive working hours.

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Will Apple’s latest results be latest letdown?


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple’s latest quarterly results are likely to illustrate why investors are clamoring for the maker of the iPhone and the iPad to come out with another trend-setting device.

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Apple Negotiating With Cable Companies and Networks to Allow Viewers to Pay to Skip Commercials


Technology journalist Jessica Lessin, formerly of The Wall Street Journal, reports that Apple has been negotiating with cable companies and TV networks to allow customers to skip commercials and Apple would compensate programmers for the lost revenue.

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