August 2, 2015

High five for mobile browsers

 five mobile browsers

As giants like Google and Apple realize the need to take their mobile performance to a new level, political issues make them all lag in this venture, eventually harming the end user. The long-debated (and long-waited as well) HTML5 has become a topic of hot debates between the tech giants for the new features that will possibly drive the users away of their app stores. This means they have little interest in reaching HTML5, for now at least.

There is another issue – the mobile browsers of both Google and Apple don’t support the powerful features of HTML5. Facebook executives know, that they eventually will, as it is a matter of staying up to date. Safari and Chrome, nevertheless, are not still given the needed impetus; nor have the rivals joined the Facebook-made WC3 community group, which needs their participation so much. The industry will blossom as soon as the difficult agreement is finally reached, and all the market players (but primarily – the users) will hugely benefit from the new landmark technologies. As yet, these new discoveries still remain prospects of future. Facebook has recently claimed to dominate over iOS and Android in the sphere of HTML5, with its 120 million of its HTML5 site users, which is twice the number of iOS and Android app users combined. This means that Facebook cherishes a long-going interest in pushing forward the standards of mobile browsers in order to land them on HTML5 and tax payments.

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