July 30, 2015

Great iOS App Gift Ideas


With the current popularity of Apple’s devices and the ever-expanding iTunes App store, iOS apps have quickly became popular as gift choices. A user can “compliment” an app via an option on the app’s page on iTunes or directly from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The only thing required is the recipient’s email address.
This year, we have picked 5 popular app choices you may want to consider making a present of to your friends and loved ones, and here they are:

iMovie –designed by Apple themselves, this app allows users to create home movies using pictures, videos, sound effects and themes. Highly recommended!

Great-iOS-App-Gift-Ideas-SnapseedSnapseed – A beautiful app that makes photo editing fun and easy, and allows users to apply gorgeous effects to their photos and share them easily. This app was voted as “iPad App of the Year” in 2011.

Great-iOS-App-Gift-Ideas-Infinity-BladeInfinity Blade 2 – While medieval-type games might not be for everyone, this app is highly recommended because of its gorgeous visuals alone. This game pushes the mobile gaming to its limits, and results in an extremely polished and playable app with a thrilling storyline.

Great-iOS-App-Gift-Ideas-Words-with-FriendsWords with Friends – This Scrabble-esque game has over 20-million users, and serves as a good choice for the casual gamer.

Great-iOS-App-Gift-Ideas-Reeder-for-iPadReeder for iPad – This is a visually appealing Google reader client that allows users to save feeds to external sites such as Instapaper and Delicious and also share them on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. mcoch says:

    Awesome ideas on iPhone gifts!

  2. lol says:

    surely the best gift for an iphone owner is a phone, so they can make phone calls while out ‘n’ about. hehe

  3. Jhangora says:

    Beautiful Gifts for Apple lovers. I wish the iPhone wasn’t so expensive in India.

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