August 3, 2015

E-textbooks available on iBookstore for $14.99 or less, McGraw Hill and Pearson on board as major publishers

E-textbooks available on iBookstore for $14.99 or less, McGraw Hill and Pearson on board as major publishers

As announced at Apple’s e-book related event in New York City on Thursday, iBooks 2 textbooks available on the iPad will be offered at a considerable discount over conventional paper-based books. Prices for digital textbooks from major publishers like Pearson and McGraw Hill will max out at $14.99, some costing even less.
The list of Pearson titles announced at NYC media event includes Biology, Environmental Science, Algebra I and Geometry, which are used by over 4 million high school students. On McGraw Hill’s part, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Chemistry, Algebra I and Geometry titles are offered on the iBookstore as of today.

Moreover, DK Publishing released four books on Thursday: “My First ABCs” for young kids, “Natural History Animals,” “Natural History Insects” and “Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life”. The iBookstore also offers “Life on Earth” from the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation. The first chapter of the book can be downloaded for free, with future chapters available at “a very aggressive price” once completed.
In a video accompanying Thursday’s announcement, Apple noted that today students use roughly the same tools for learning that were common in 1950. The company hopes to bring the learning process to a new level by offering inexpensive and dynamic digital textbooks for the iPad. With the newly unveiled iBooks Author, e-book creation is poised to become a smoother and faster experience.


  1. x-ray says:

    There seems to be several mentions of high school textbooks. I thought high school students did not normally purchase textbooks, rather the school district provided them. Has this changed ?

  2. ten10 says:

    I can see Apple having an 8GB iPad 2 — in a couple months —*that cost $349 and is only available to the Education Store like their low end iMac.

  3. McFan says:

    The very existence of even ONE of these textbooks proves this wrong.
    That Life On Earth book? I’m downloading it. They say it’s two chapters for free right now, right?
    It’s a gigabyte.
    No way does an 8GB iPad make ANY sense.

  4. Ian says:

    Since this new textbook can be as large as 1 GB, I do believe that new ipad will have 128 GB option, because of teachers who will need o alot of them and wont have time to redownloand from cloud. Students will be fine with 32 or 64 GB version.

  5. G says:

    The textbook industry is the most profitable section in the book publishing industry. With textbooks often costing 100+ dollars each, publishers make fat profits from them.
    If publishers stand to lose their profits from selling textbooks cheaply, then they will not go along with Apple.
    After all, textbooks on Amazon in eBook form for the Kindle are STILL EXPENSIVE – often costing the same as the physical textbooks themselves.

  6. Denny says:

    Currently, education is going downhill in the U.S. California Schools, for example, no longer teach handwriting! They only teach students to write their signature.
    How stupid. How shocking.
    It is through the lost of traditional teaching methods – which are still taught in other higher achieving countries which means every other country except the U.S.A. – that our students fail.

  7. Ron says:

    When I was in high school, we had to tote around 40 lb backpacks on our backs and large discmans between classes.

  8. Matthew says:

    These books should be free!

  9. Frodo says:

    nice! love it, wish I had it when was in school!!!

  10. qwerty says:

    :/ Wish I could redo school now- sadface

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