November 28, 2014

Apple seeking to hire 500 new employees in Cork

Apple seeking to hire 500 new employees in Cork

Apple reportedly plans to hire more people to work in Cork, Ireland. Over the next 18 months, the company will add 500 jobs, bringing a total number of employees at its European headquarters to 2,800. Since there is hardly enough space for the newcomers in the existing facility, a three-story office building will be built next to it.

Although Apple hasn’t given any details as to what kind of jobs it will create in the move, Cork is known to provide a number of back-office functions for the tech giant. Besides overseeing Apple’s supply chain across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the Ireland-based headquarters also serves as a location for building Mac Pros.  It plays a key part in the company’s distribution throughout Europe. Workers in Cork have been reportedly employed for 30 years.

Earlier in March, the iPhone designer’s major presence in the city was highlighted in the U.K. press due to its low tax rate of 12.5%. The reason behind British media’s interest in the company’s tax rate is that Amazon is currently being investigated over alleged corporation tax evasion.

Apple seeking to hire 500 new employees in Cork

The Cupertino device maker has always had faith in its employees and their ability to impact economy. In a study released last month, Apple argues that it has created or supported around 514,000 jobs in its home country. In fact, only 47,000 of these people were hired by the company, but the rest was employed at other firms involved in engineering, production and transportation. No such study, however, has been conducted on how the company may contribute to economies across Europe.

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