August 5, 2015

Apple and Google are leading on mobile ad traffic and tablets.

Apple and Google are leading on mobile ad traffic and tablets

Android and Apple platform keeps marching around the globe having their positions as strong leading firms as always. Is there any chance for others to compete? One says that there is always a chance. However, in accordance to Jumptap data, these two leaders together have 91 percents of all smartphone market in USA which is a new popularity peak for both companies.

Looking at Apple positions we observe its rapid increase at smartphone market share that immediately followed the release of iPhone 4S in 2011. A different story is observed among tablets market where Apple has a strong rival presented by Kindle Fire. This product’s share is a stable one third of all tablet traffic.

Taking into account the information described above we thus do not have a picture clear enough for comprehension of how many Kindle Fire devices are in use in comparison to iPads. At least we may understand that people use their Android devices for whole bunch of various services and online applications based on Android.

Jumptap’s statistics reveals that Apple (having 32.2%) and Google (having 58.8%) are leaders across U.S. ad network among 95 million users. Far in the end of the same list, weak followers are located respectfully: RIM’s Blackberry (getting a new fall to 6.7%), then Symbian (having 1.4%) and in the end Windows Mobile (having poor 0.5%).

Apple and Google are leading on mobile ad traffic and tablets

As analytics in Jumptap considers, that despite potential increase due to future release of Nokia’s new line of Windows mobile Phones, Microsoft and others two from the bottom of the list this year won’t get more than 10% of impressions in total. However, it is still space for a progress.

Amazon, being strong and stable competitor in the segment of tablets, gains its share over the last quarter. For the same period Apple stayed on its lowest positions of 48%.

Considering these numbers we should understand the key point that those who prefer and buy this or another platform buy all related service in parallel. The service of Android is quite attractive as it is supported with Amazon mix of appstore apps, plus streamed content, etc. So developers keep their interest in creating of new application for the platform.

Meantime we should live and wait whether we will observe another “new release” wave effect in upcoming months. As news became available, Apple plans to launch a new iPad. Therefore taking a parallel to boost effect of Apple impressions upon iPhone 4S release, we safely may expect the repeat – this time within a tablets segment.

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